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Outagamie County Recycling

Outagamie County Recycling has been a leader in the state since the early 90s with the inception of Wisconsin’s mandatory recycling law. At that time each municipality within Outagamie’s borders put their trust in the county to create a recycling program that not only collects and processes curbside recyclable material, but also provides residents and businesses information about their recycling responsibilities. This job of Outagamie County Recycling is known as the Responsible Unit of Government (RU).

As the RU, Outagamie Recycling contracts with a private hauler to collect curbside recyclables from 67,000 households. The curbside recycling program is for all residents living in single family homes and multiplex dwellings up to four units. By law, property owners of larger multi-family residences must provide recycling collection programs for their tenants.

Through the years, Outagamie Recycling staff has excelled at crafting collection and disposal programs geared at reducing waste and diverting material from the landfill.

The popular seasonal hazardous waste collection program, for example, is free to Outagamie residents including the citizens of Appleton and New London. The program allows safe disposal of materials that if stored or disposed improperly pose a risk to the environment, and a safety concern for children due to accidental poisoning.

Another significant effort is Outagamie Recycling’s partnership with the Appleton Police Department to create a free medication drop box. This program provides residents of the Fox Cities a safe disposal method for unused medications lessening the risk of accidental overdose or misuse of pharmaceutical pain killers.

Outagamie Recycling’s most recent project — for the safe disposal of needles, lancets and syringes — involves a partnership with public health departments and Roundy’s Pick ‘n Save pharmacies. The program is free and is expected to reduce the number of needles at the recycling facility, where accidental needle sticks are a public health concern.

The most important partnership, however, has been with Brown and Winnebago Counties. In 2009, the three entities collaborated to create the award-winning Tri-County Recycling Facility, which is one of the largest publically owned and operated single stream recycling operations in the U.S. Outagamie Recycling operates the facility while Brown and Winnebago manage transfer stations that ship recyclable material to Outagamie. The facility serves most Northeast Wisconsin communities and processes over 100,000 tons of material annually.

Outagamie Recycling has been recognized by industry leaders and experts for creating recycling guidelines using simple and easy to understand terms and images, which helps us “Recycle More & Recycle Right.”

You can learn more about Outagamie’s recycling programs by taking a group tour of the facility or have a staff member speak to your organization. For the most up-to-date information, follow Outagamie Recycling on Facebook, visit their user-friendly website and download their mobile app on your smartphone.

Outagamie County Recycling


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